Sanganeri Prints

Sanganeri is a hand-block printing technique originating from Sanganer, a village inside the southern part of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This shape of fabric printing is nearly5 centuries old and until date holds a outstanding place within theworld of weavers and craftsmen. Other than Sanganer, there are different villages like Bagru, Akola, Barmer, and Jodhpur that are well-known for block printing. Delicate patterns and features with vibrantcolored designs are the defining factors for this form of printing approach.

Origin and History

The Sanganeri printing techniqueevolvedamong the sixteenth and 17th century. The constant wars among the Mughals and Marathas caused numerous craftsmen to migrate from Gujarat to Rajasthan. This craft in the long rundiscovered its haven in Sanganer, where it’s been thriving ever since. It becameone of theimportant export items for the East India Company, and its trademark became the authentic dye used for printing designs. This dye soon have become a remember of significance in European way of life as well.

Sources of Inspiration

Royal patronage and heritage stimulated the tremendous cultivation in this form of craft, which has been around for years, and is almost as antiquebecause thecountry itself. Rich buyers and royal households have propagated this art and its have an impact on has spread far and wide into the fundamental nature of Indian way of life and culture.

Faces behind the Print

The dyers originally came from Punjab and Sindh and belonged to a community called the ‘chippa‘ community. The majority of them are Muslims. The maximum interesting truth is that whole family, inclusive of children, get involved in the process. Today, nearly 3000 people are employed in practicing this craft on a expert level.


Present Day Scenario

Apart from experiments in coloration combination, there is a tremendous deal of experimentation in designs as well. Such prints could at one point be observedbest on kurtas or sarees, but now with the modern-day transformation in fashion and style, block printing can bediscovered on skirts, scarves and dresses as well.

Wearing Sanganeri

It is lightweight and clean to wear, and is the bestto beat the summer season heat. It is a stylish expression of consolation and creativity imbibed in one.


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